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A simple and effective solution for stopping nosebleeds hands-free.
A concept that changes the way people care for nosebleeds everywhere.
A patented simple design that stays in place during continued activity.
Safe and effective to use.



Blond Woman Smiling

I highly recommend NozePax! I have HHT and I have frequent, heavy nosebleeds! NozePax have been a lifesaver! I used to stuff tissues in my nose, which usually resulted in a quick soak through and a mess! I love NozePax because they are absorptive, preventing leakage until it is full. They are effective enough that while I have a bleed I can keep doing what I was doing before the bleed. Very handy when I am getting ready for work and can't waste time on a nosebleed.  They are compact, so it's easy to keep a stash in my purse and car.  If you deal with nosebleeds, you can't find a better and easier solution!

Happy Little Girl

We have purchased your NozePax for our elementary Schools and love them. We see a lot of bloody noses and this seems to be comforting to the student and does the job without a mess!! These are a great idea and definitely recommend them for other schools!

—Sara, school nurse

Senior Man

These nose packs control Nosebleeds.  They are easy to use and work better than anything we make from cotton or tissues.  My husband from a surgery years ago, gets massive nosebleeds often, and, these have made them manageable.

—Amazon Customer


I purchased your NozePax products previously on Amazon.  I have worked in professional football and baseball for over 20 years, and you make the absolute best nose bleed product in the field of sports medicine.


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