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Merrie East 2020

NozePax was designed by Merrie East, an inventor and entrepreneur, to address the worries of her daycare provider. Merrie’s toddler had persistent nosebleeds and during the AIDS crisis, direct contact with blood caused concern. She realized that to keep working she had to come up with a solution to contain the nosebleeds.


It started simple, by rolling up tissues. After the first trial on her son, she realized that the pressure the pack applied also stopped the nosebleed! Over the years, she further developed the concept, using compressed cotton for more absorbency. She rounded the tip to fit snugly, and added a rubber coating along the bottom to stop and absorb the flow of blood, as well as to prevent contact with blood when disposing.

Based on this unique combination of attributes to treat nosebleeds, the NozePax product was issued a patent in 2013.  DSD Concepts, LLC was founded in Wichita, Kansas in 2016, with plans to commercialize NozePax. These efforts culminated in a showcase on the TV Show “American Inventor”, where she was endorsed by judge George Foreman, the former heavy-weight champion and inventor.


The product line was formally launched in 2018 through a range of online retailers.  Since that time, demand for NozePax has continued to outpace production capacity and DSD Concepts has continued to grow and expand its capabilities. As we continue to grow, we are seeking to expand distribution both through online retailers as well as brick and mortar retail stores.


We encourage anyone with a story about how NozePax has helped them or those interested in distributing NozePax to contact us. Let’s make NozePax available to EVERYONE and send nosebleeds packing!

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