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The Solution

Why NozePax

NozePax is an innovative nasal plug for nosebleeds. Whether you have chronic nosebleeds, or a sports injury, our products are ready to use, and easy to apply. Once applied, NozePax is a hands-free way to stop nosebleeds, so you can continue with your day. Our patented design stops nosebleeds in minutes, no hassle, no trauma, no mess!

Other features include:

  • A rounded tip for a snug fit.

  • A rubber grip to contain the blood, stopping the flow of blood and for a no-contact removal.

  • Made of cotton and rubber.

  • Comes in four sizes for a better fit.

NozePax also doubles as a safe and comfortable applicator for applying moisturizer to dry noses to help prevent recurring nosebleeds. If you have ever used a cotton swab, you know how uncomfortable it can be. With NozePax, simply swish and toss!

Using NozePax

Insert the NozePax into the nasal cavity. It should fit snug at the top of nasal canal. The NozePax’s unique, round contour immediately applies pressure. Hands free & mess free! The NozePax’s rubber-coated end helps stop the flow of blood and collects the blood inside for a no contact, no mess removal.

One NozePax contains a normal nosebleed. The NozePax must fit snug to stop the nosebleed. The pressure it applies, and with the rubber stopping the flow, it coagulates the blood faster. For that reason, NozePax comes in 4 sizes. Most of those with chronic nosebleeds are children and seniors, making small and large sizes extremely popular.

Why NozePax


When you have a nosebleed, remember to ALWAYS keep your head above heart level, and lean forward slightly. Never lay down!


If your nosebleed lasts longer than twenty minutes often, there could be an underlying condition. You should seek medical help. 

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